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Patti's upcoming album pays tribute to her musical hero and mentor, Ella Fitzgerald, with exciting new interpretations of music from the Great American Songbook. Throughout the creative process, Patti reflected on her own life and realized how Ella’s life informed her own; not just through the brilliance of her talent, but through the trials and ultimate triumphs of Ms. Fitzgerald’s remarkable life.



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Mentoring with Patti

“January is National Mentoring Month and mentoring is the heart and soul over at Cumar Marble and Granite in Everett Massachusetts! Team Cumar adopted our co-founder Grammy Award Winner Patti Austin as their mentee a few years ago and we wanted to share this picture with you today. The collaboration with Patti , Cumar and Over My Shoulder Foundation has provided many opportunities to inspire the design industry to beef up their mentoring efforts. Here are a few things we have done to nourish this important MENTOR-CENTRIC conversation- We can design the next generation; You can design the next you: Together we can design healthy productive people by committing to a mentor-centric lifestyle! Look over your shoulder and become the key to someone’s success.”

- Dawn Carroll


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